Ukraine – Appeal for donations

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There are 4 MiKK Mediators from Ukraine in need of our support!
Thanks to your generous support, we have already raised 5,000 €, which helped to finance the evacuation of mediator Anna’s mother, after a serious injury during the bombing in Kharkiv. THANK YOU!
Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse and worse and there are still thousands of people who need our help. Two MiKK mediators are still in Ukraine, working with families, friends & volunteers to help people in need.


Tatyana Bilyk is Co-founder of the Association for Family Mediators of Ukraine and MiKK Mediator. You can find out more about her here:
Read the full article with her account of life in wartime Kyiv:
More information on Tatyana’s Humanitarian Aid Project in Ukraine can be found here:



Olha Zozulia is a lawyer and mediator in Ukraine.

Olha’s nephew organizes transports from Poland of humanitarian goods, medicines and food for people in Ukraine. He needs funds to purchase petrol urgently so he can continue driving over to Ukraine to bring the supplies to people in need.

A message from Olha:

Dear MiKK Mediators and Friends,
My name is Olha Zozulia, I am a lawyer and mediator from Ukraine, email:; languages for communication: Ukrainian, English.

As you may see from the news nowadays a million people from Ukraine left their places of residence and moved to more safe regions of Ukraine or abroad. Most of them are women and children. Most men are involved to the defence of Ukraine.

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people in some regions, who live in the situation of the absolutely humanitarian catastrophe lacking the essentials: food and medicine! But people want to live ant try to survive living in this horror!

Me personally and my family also removed to the Western part of Ukraine. We live here in the house of my nephew. As I was known after removal two my nephews (they are brothers Serhiy and Vitaliy Novytski) decided to help people the citizens of Ukraine, who live in such regions and cannot leave their houses for different reasons. My nephews started from asking their business partners in Germany and Poland to help with buying and transporter here food and medicine. Under the request of individuals, state authorities and hospitals from the Eastern part of Ukraine, the transportation of the requested goods from Germany and Poland to the city of Lutsk (where my nephews live) was organized. After these goods are received by my nephews, and then they (these goods) are unloaded and transported on smaller cars by drivers wearing bulletproof vests, risking their lives, to the Eastern cities for the further distributing to people who are in need.

The humanitarian aid is absolutely free of course; they need only the money to cover diesel fuel costs! It’s about 1200 – 1500 euro for one way.


We are trying to raise 10.000 € with this appeal for these 2 MiKK Mediators.
Please give generously, everything makes a difference!!


Thank you,
MiKK e.V.