MiKK Trainings – Building a global community of international family mediation experts

MiKK’s trainings are the foundation for our globally expanding network of family mediators. Only our highly specialized international family mediators can join the MiKK experts’ list and receive cases from our advice line. Together, we are the future of international family mediation!

Cross-Border Family Mediation Training (CBFM)

The MiKK 50-hour advanced training course aims to qualify practising family mediators to mediate cross-border family disputes, including international child abduction, access and custody cases. The course will cover the relevant legal aspects of international family conflicts, differences in national family legislation, the 1980 and 1996 Hague Conventions, the Brussels II bis Regulation as well as the best interest and the voice of the child. Participants will be introduced to tools and methodologies for mediating high conflict cases. Case studies and role plays will be an integral part of the course. Drawing on the participants’ experience, we will examine the issues of mediating across cultures. Interdisciplinary cooperation is a key aspect of the course.

We look forward to working with legal, psycho-social, educational and other professionals from a variety of cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

CBFM Training Berlin (English)

Current dates: October 3–9, 2021 (Module 1&2)

CBFM Training Berlin (German)

Current dates: June 18–20, 2021 (Module 1)

& September 16–19, 2021 (Modul 2)

CBFM Training Osaka (English)

– postponed due to COVID 19 –

CBFM Training Singapore (English)

– postponed due to COVID 19 –

MiKK Ongoing Training & Supervision

The MiKK Ongoing Training brings together MiKK members and mediators from all over the world. In workshops, networking sessions and the annual MiKK general members’ meeting people reconnect with old friends and welcome new acquaintances.

These workshops are aimed at mediators and dispute resolution practitioners with an interest in intercultural, cross-border mediation who wish to deepen their knowledge and/or acquire new skills in this field. The workshops are also open to non-MiKK mediators and may also be of interest to participants from other related disciplines.

For MiKK mediators, each of the three workshops (and the supervision session) counts as 6 credit points towards their ongoing training requirement.