Why mediation?

Mediation provides parents with the opportunity to develop lasting and amicable solutions in seemingly hopeless situations in the interest of their children. With the assistance of mediators, a structured discussion is possible in which the needs of all parties involved can be considered.

In cases of international family conflict, mediation:

  • Re-establishes direct communication between parents
  • Restores trust between parents
  • Puts the child back into the parents’ focus
  • De-escalates the dispute
  • Provides a safe and confidential space to brainstorm proposals
  • Gives parents a greater degree of involvement in matters that will affect them in the future
  • Allows parents to come to flexible agreements on a wide scope of issues that cannot be devised in the courts
  • Quick, accessible and relatively inexpensive
  • Can be used parallel to court proceedings

In international parental child abduction cases, we involve all relevant authorities and professional groups and have established a network of international mediators, which we have specially trained.

MiKK will provide you with free information about the possibilities and limits of mediation in each individual case and will assist in the organisation of an international co-mediation.

In an average of 77%* of MiKK Hague child abduction mediations parents managed to conclude an agreement or partial agreement.

*This represents the average over the past seven years (not including the year 2020/Covid)
(2015: 67%; 2016: 90%; 2017: 83%; 2018: 80%; 2019: 73%; 2021: 67%)