Publications & Resources

Below you will find a number of useful text- and guidebooks, articles, reports and resources on cross-border family mediation and international family law:

MiKK proudly presents the second edition of Cross-Border Family Mediation – International Parental Child Abduction, Custody and Access Cases, written for experienced mediators and all other professionals involved in cross-border family conflicts.

This invaluable reference book on international family mediation provides:

  • the legal framework and specific characteristics of cross-border cases
  • methodology and tools
  • information on coordinating mediation with court proceedings
  • case studies
  • information sheets on mediation for parents, lawyers and judges
  • sample mediation agreements and court orders
  • a detailed look at international family mediation with parties from non-Hague Contracting States with a specific focus on Muslim countries
  • information on handling bilingualism and interpreting in mediation
  • insight into mediation styles within co-mediation settings

You may read a sample from the book here.

You may order the book here.

We have prepared a brief bibliography on various topics concerning mediation in international family conflict. Some of the articles can be downloaded as .pdf files.