Become a MiKK mediator

Become a MiKK mediator

Would you like to train as a Cross-border Family Mediator, work with us and publish your profile in the International MiKK Mediators List on our website?

You can become a MiKK Mediator and have your profile featured on the MiKK Mediators List if

 you are a trained mediator and are qualified to mediate in accordance with the standards of your country

 you are bi-lingual, have intercultural competence and practical mediation experience

 you have successfully completed the 50-hour MiKK Cross-border Family Mediation Training (link to trainings) and agree to work in accordance with the Wroclaw Declaration 2007

If you are ticking all the above boxes, we would like to hear from you! Please complete the following forms: MiKK Membership & MiKK Mediators List + Self-Assessment and return them to us at: