Become a MiKK Guardian ad litem

Become a MiKK Guardian ad Litem

You are a Guardian ad Litem in international family cases, helping to represent the best interest of children in court? As a MiKK Guardian ad Litem you will be listed on our MiKK Guardian ad Litem list on our website. The list is accessible to judges, lawyers and parents, who are looking for Guardians ad Litem with specialised knowledge on international family cases and who may have the necessary foreign language skills for their cases. To be listed on our website, you need to have completed our specialised Guardian ad Litem training course, which includes valuable information on relevant legal aspects of international family conflicts, intercultural considerations and how best to safeguard the child’s best interest in all kinds of international family disputes, including international child abduction, access and custody cases.

New courses will be annouced soon and can be found in our “Training” section.

Once you have completed the course, you can become a listed Guardian ad Litem by completing the application form and sending it to: