MiKK e.V. is a non-profit organization. The bodies of the organization comprise the Board of Directors, the Board of Advisors and the General Assembly.  

The Statutes of the Association can be found here.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of at least 5 members, i.e. the chairperson, the vice chairperson, the deputy chairperson and two further board members who maintain communication between MiKK e.V. and the associations of BAFM and BM.

The constitution of the Board reflects the principle of biprofessionality promoted by the MiKK e.V. model of cross-border family mediation.


Isabel Fernández de Castillejo y Peetsch, Leipzig
Lawyer, Cooperative Practitioner, Guardian ad Litem, Mediator, Translator

Vice Chair

Christian von Baumbach, Berlin
Mediator, Japanologist

Deputy Chair

Swetlana von Bismarck, Berlin
Lawyer, Guardian ad Litem, Mediator (BAFM)

Dagmar Lägler, Heilbronn
Mediator (BAFM and BM®), Spokesperson BAFM

Uwe Reichertz-Boers, Hannover
Mediator/Trainer BM®, Member of BM Board, Business Coach

Volker Raddatz, Berlin
University Professor, State-certified Translator and Interpreter, Mediator (BAFM)

Ludwig Linden, Berlin
Economist, Ambassador off duty, Mediator (BM)


There are 3 permanent members of staff and 1 freelancer: 

Head of Advisory Services
Ischtar Khalaf-Newsome
Family Lawyer (UK), Mediator

Executive Assistant
Magdalena Jańczuk
Administration and Social Science (MA), Mediator

Legal Assistant
Michael Ford
Lawyer (AU), Mediator

Freelance Designer and Consultant
Anna Bormann

Patron of MiKK

Christoph C. Paul, Berlin
Lawyer and Notary, Mediator (BAFM)

As founder and sponsor of MiKK for many years Christoph C. Paul was appointed as its inaugural patron.  Christoph C. Paul was awarded the Cross of Merit on the Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany for his voluntary commitment to the implementation of mediation in international conflicts involving children.