About us

Goals and services

The key objectives of MiKK e.V. are: 
  • Providing free multilingual advice to affected parents and professional groups active in this field (judges, lawyers, social workers).  Advice is available in English, French, German, Italian and Polish.
  • Training mediators in the complex legal, psycho-social and personal dynamics of cross-border family conflict.
  • Expansion of the network of currently 150 mediators from 25 countries specialising in cross-border and bi-national mediations.
  • Support of cooperation and exchange among all parties involved in the process (courts, lawyers, central agencies, ministries of justice, international social services and local youth welfare agencies).
  • Development of concepts and projects in cooperation with national and international partners in order to establish and promote the status of cross-border family mediation.  
  • Acting as a forum for professional, political and public discussion on cross-border family mediation and conflicts at a national and international level.
  • Development of standards for mediations in international disputes involving parents and children.